Washington Wizards’ John Wall is much more than a rap fan. The NBA superstar has teased social media with some fresh ink of rap icons Tupac Shakur and Lil Wayne.

This weekend, Wall went to Instagram to flex his must-like ink jobs.

Last month, details surfaced behind rapper Drake’s headline-generating new Lil Wayne tattoo.

That’s right … Drake’s new arm ink went unnoticed for almost a half a year, at least to the general populous. We’re told Drizzy got it while overseas and sent Wayne a pic when it was done, and Wayne was beyond floored and honored, since loyalty’s a big deal with him. The tat’s on Drake’s tricep, so it’s covered by the average t-shirt, which explains why no one picked up on it sooner. (TMZ)

A day prior, social media went nuts when Drizzy’s Wayne pics went viral.

A few weeks ago, Drake showed Wayne love and called him his king on IG.