The beef between Gunplay and G-Unit may intensify as new footage from their BET Hip Hop Awards brawl has hit the Internet and shows the Maybach Music Group member at the tail end of a losing fight.

The new footage reportedly shows 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Unit affiliate Mike Knox getting their licks on Gunplay.

A video has surfaced showing rapper Gunplay getting his head slammed into a metal barricade outside the BET Awards Sunday night in Atlanta — and it appears 50 Cent was part of the violent mob. The clip shows 50 in the parking lot with his crew — and out of nowhere, a massive brawl breaks out … with rapper Gunplay on the receiving end of a ferocious attack. Gunplay weathered the initial onslaught and managed to fight back, even though he was largely outnumbered. It’s hard to see in the shaky footage if 50 threw a punch — or got involved at all — but someone can be heard on camera saying, “That was 50 fighting too!” Gunplay called in to TMZ Live Monday, saying 50 Cent was involved in the action … but was “hiding behind security.” (TMZ)

Prior to this latest clip leaking, Gunplay taunted 50 and his physical stature.

“He’s so small I didn’t see him do nothing. He’s a little guy. He’s like 3’2. Everybody was over him, so I couldn’t really see him. It’s nothing. I’ve been through it before, and now I’m ready to hit y’all with this music,” Gunplay said in an interview. “I don’t shake hands. Never, never, never. I never shook hands with anybody. I got beef with kids in elementary school and if I see ’em now, I’ma jump ’em,” he explained. “[Rick Ross ] was laughing, like, ‘Looking good out there little bro.'” (Hot 97)

This week, Mike Knox accused Gunplay of using the fight and 50’s name for free promotion.

“You keep attaching 50’s name to the situation because you know that’s the only way you’re gonna get press,” Knox said in an interview. “He was running from an a** whooping — he was saying I was security, he was saying I was a security guard. I don’t know where he got that. I guess he felt like I was security because I d*mn near broke my hand on him — when people are fighting, they usually pepper spray the person that’s the most aggressive or the biggest person and I was the biggest person. So, he wasn’t pepper sprayed at the time.” (Hot 107.9)

Days after the brawl, Gunplay refused to address the G-Unit leader by his rap alias.

“First of all, I’m not going to say the donkey’s name ’cause I ain’t gonna ruin a career that’s already ruined,” Gunplay said. “We’re going to call him donkey because he’s the donkey of the day. The donkey walks with eight other donkeys — I was getting ready to go catch my ride, police told me I couldn’t leave the trailers — I turn around and see the donkey with eight other donkeys and it was either me jump the barrier and run or stand, pull up my pants and knuckle it out with the donkey — he walks up to me, nodded at one of the donkeys and one of the donkeys set it off and we rumbled — the pepper spray came — [it was] that man security. Get outta here, man, man got security around him, man. … I was by myself like I usually am.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Check out the latest brawl footage below: