Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo has some pretty key essentials in his life. The hip-hop heavyweight recently dished out the Top 10 things he needs on a daily basis during the coronavirus pandemic.

Moneybagg Yo’s Top 10 Essentials

In a new GQ video, Moneybagg doesn’t hold back on dishing about the importance of having water and notepads in his life. He also stresses the value in people staying safe with COVID-19-preventing measures including face masks and hand sanitizers.

“My first essential is cash. I can’t leave the house without some money. It’s probably like 20,000 but anything might happen so I gotta have it on me. For all emergencies. At least 20. Nothing less than a 15. Even though I haven’t been able to go places, it’s been like social distancing, I’ve still been like shopping, online shopping for me and the kids. And I still buy jewelry. Most of expensive thing I bought in quarantine? I bought my girl a Lamborghini truck. The next essential is a notepad. I keep a notepad because sometimes my thoughts get jammed up and this is the only way I can put brakes on it – I feel it’s better when I can see all my ideas on paper instead of thinking about them and making it happen like that. Even though I’m in the studio and I don’t write my music, I’ve got to have me a pad. Put all my ideas on it.”

Moneybagg Yo’s Top 10 daily essentials.

High-Key Details

Recently, Yo admitted he had ideas of settling down in the back of his mind. Moneybagg went even further and said his next baby mother would have him ready to retire his player card.

“Wen I do have another child it’s gone be by my “Wife” I don’t want just another BM” -Moneybagg Yo’s Instagram

Moneybagg Yo teases marriage plans with his future baby mother.

Wait, There’s More

In mid-July 2020, Yo’s girlfriend Ari Fletcher hit up Twitter to reflect on having an unforgettable birthday celebration courtesy of Moneybagg. She also dug into what made Moneybagg Yo stand out when they’re behind closed doors.

“I love y’all so much. Really really appreciate y’all for the love! ❤️ … So blessed man… thankful beyond words! … He really makes me take my make up off before getting in the bed. I be walking toward the bed he like “make up” like n*gga I’m gone do it 😭 then ask me where my bonnet at… like I was trying to stay in character for my performance but whatever. 😩😂” -Ari Fletcher’s Twitter

Before You Go

A few weeks ago, Fletcher hit up Twitter and didn’t waste any time unloading some dicey words following shade fired her way from Moneybagg’s baby mother. While she didn’t name-drop Yo’s former boo, she made it clear her words were meant for a female rival.

“I thought a p*ssy h*e said some! 🥳” -Ari Fletcher’s Twitter

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This birthday feels like a dream! 😍💕

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