[After partnering up with music mogul Jay Z’s TIDAL streaming service last year, “Money & Violence” creator Moise Vernau tells SOHH what fans can expect from the show’s long-awaited season 2 premiere which airs Tuesday, February 9 via TIDAL.]

Truth be told, I was on the set every single day because I was directing. I got to see every single shot done and choose the angles.

Looking through that viewfinder was no indication of what it would look like at the end of post [production]. After the first edit, I was blown away. It looked more polished more than anything I could have ever imagined.

I’m just really amazed because going from where we started to the point that we are now in just a little over 12 months, I definitely have to take my hat off to everybody. I have to thank everyone involved who had something to do with this.

They helped my dream come to fruition. I’m just so grateful.

“Money & Violence” season 2 premieres exclusively on TIDAL Tuesday, February 9.

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