[With his recently released "Come Here” music video still sending chilled vibes across the nation, Digital Underground‘s Money B tells SOHH why his legendary rap group’s back bigger than ever and why last summer’s All Eyez On Me 2Pac biopic sparked their resurgence.]

Just to give everyone a little history, Young Hump is the new member of Digital Underground and the protégé of Shock G.

He was chose for the nose.

He actually played Humpty Hump in the 2Pac movie All Eyez On Me biopic. A lot of people didn’t know but I played myself in the film.

We had already been touring and doing the Digital Underground stuff. We are the current representation of Digital Underground that’s out there right now by design.

We did the movie and we said, “Let’s make some records.”

I felt like there was a void in rap. Everybody in hip-hop is the toughest person in the world right now. We’re like, “Where’s the fun vibe,” where you’re having a good time and feel good.

We just want to bring that funk back. I felt like it was missing or at least there was a space for it.

A lot of people come to our shows just to hear the old music so I’m sure they would appreciate something current with the same energy and vibe.

So we jumped in the studio and Young Hump, I gotta give it to him, he’s a phenomenal emcee. He started out just representing Humpy Hump and just doing the Humpy Hump parts at our shows. We’ve always done that in our history. Shock’s brother has been Humpy Hump and do parts but we had never found somebody who looked like him but could actually rap.

Young Hump is an emcee. I’d put him up against anybody with the freestyles. He has skills and we just started making great music.

We have over 30 songs recorded but you know it’s a singles-driven market. So even though our brand, Digital Underground, is a known brand, Money B and Young Hump is still a new group.

We’re reintroducing the new generation with help from the All Eyez On Me movie. We represent Digital Underground in the movie but to this new generation, we ‘are’ Digital Underground. That’s all they know of. They didn’t even know 2Pac came from Digital Underground.

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