Canadian rapper Mo-G is showing no mercy to fellow Toronto native Drake or his OVO Sound team and has continued to expose them on social media this week.

Mo-G hopped onto his Instagram page Tuesday (March 22) and claimed Drizzy’s camp tried to get him to work in the studio.

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Mo-G has relied on social media to go on the offensive these past few days.

No stranger to Mo-G, Drizzy has been known to show him support on songs like “Summer Sixteen.”

Drake was so impressed and influenced by Mo he even shouted him out on “Summer 16.” “Mo-G with the dance moves / Ave Boy with the dance moves,” Drizzy raps. Mo-G is actually the kid who invented the “Ginobli” dance, which Drake has been reppin’ since last year. The Grammy Award-winning rhymer also posted a video to his IG account about it and was seen imitating it in his “Energy” video. (XXL Mag)