Maybach Music Group’s Stalley has stepped up to defend recently going on a Twitter tirade over receiving far less attention than mainstream hip-hop artists and why his music deserves equal consideration.

In Stalley’s perspective, hip-hop fans are stuck jumping onto bandwagons and the most popular trends.

“Somebody can put out a video and it is just a regular song but with Twitter it becomes this big thing that, if Twitter weren’t around, we wouldn’t be talking about at all,” he said. “Hypothetically speaking, Kanye puts out a song,” he said. “And Kanye is popular on Twitter, he’s in that social media world, and somebody who might not spend as much time in that world gets overlooked. Someone else doesn’t get the same recognition, because he’s not keeping his name in peoples’ mouths. And it hurts. Part of the rap world is stuck being cheerleaders and fans. It is like high school, and people want to be part of the popular clique. I know Kanye is passionate about his work, and I am, too. I put blood, sweat and tears into my music. That is all I was trying to express.” (Wall Street Journal)

Earlier this month, Stalley publicly took his frustrations to Twitter.

“I’m tried of holding myself back, I dropped the Best video that came out this week and y’all worried about Mercy or a Jay-Z interview,” he tweeted June 8th.

“I’m disinterested in Mass Media.”

“People say i’m mad, but i’m not this fake person who is always happy and Humble. I’m a Savage.”

“I put everything in my music and i’m really sick of being overlooked.” (Stalley’s Twitter)

This caught the attention of producer Chase N. Cashe who wasted no time in reacting.

“@Stalley You can be humble but hating at the same time cancels that out period. You didn’t have to mention Hit-Boy video,” he responded.

“@Stalley It was a bunch of n*ggas drop videos this year my dawg. You around big names as well just do you and focus up. It’s simple.”

“Hit-Boy is the wrong nigga for people to hate on cuz all that n*gga do is show love and keep positive energy around. Hate on me if anything.” (Chase N. Cashe’s Twitter)

Shortly after the exchange, G.O.O.D. Music’s Hit-Boy hopped on Twitter and ceased the feud speculation.

“Stalley just text’d me. It’s luv,” he tweeted.

“Chase always stands up for me when someone speaks but i didn’t even take the tweet the way everyone else did.” (Hit-Boy’s Twitter)

Check out a recent Stalley interview below: