Minister Louis Farrakhan isn’t here for President Donald Trump – at all. The iconic activist has singled out the head of state on social media.

Minister Farrakhan went to Instagram Sunday (October 22) and promised to expose Trump’s secret agenda.

I know what Mr. Trump is planning and I am going to reveal it soon in Washington, D.C. #Farrakhan

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This week, G.O.O.D. Music’s Teyana Taylor showed off some anti-Trump jewelry.


A few days ago, West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg revealed his Trump frustrations.

🤷🏾‍♂️. W. T. F. Is wrong wit this guy 😡😡😡

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In a new interview, rap star Kendrick Lamar shared his issues with Trump.

“The key differences [between Obama and Trump] are morals, dignity, principles, common sense,” he says. Where Obama was an inspiration, it’s hard for him to even respect Trump. “How can you follow someone who doesn’t know how to approach someone or speak to them kindly and with compassion and sensitivity?” But ultimately the rise of Trump has brought out something new in Kendrick. “It’s just building up the fire in me. It builds the fire for me to keep pushing as hard as I want to push.” (i-D)