[With his Wildheart nationwide tour kicked off, R&B singer Miguel talks to SOHH about traveling the world and if he has any past road trip regrets.]

I’ve gotten to experience tour life in so many different ways with so many different artists, artists that I look up to, artists that have taught me so much.

And up to this point I’ve enjoyed my touring, I would say, to the fullest.

But the one thing that is going to be really awesome is headlining my own tour this time around. And I’ve done it before, but on a much smaller scale. So, I think knowing that we’re starting, it’s going to be insane just because it’s mostly going to be my core audience and the people who have grown with me thus far, who know the music.

That’s super exciting. And then just knowing that the people that are there are really there for you. It’s a different dynamic.

I don’t think I have anything to regret about the way that we’ve toured in the past, and my experience thus far has been actually extraordinary and it’s prepared me for these moments to really excel and to really set myself apart from my peers. I think not only in the music do we stand out, but I think the intention in the live show is obvious. The same way Miles Davis said it’s like these records are merely advertisements to come see us live.

And that’s how I’ve modeled my musicianship, is that the music on the album is truly from a real place, and I want you to see it live because in that setting you know for a f**king fact that it’s real.

There’s no faking.

It’s real time. There’s no delete and rewrite. It’s just pure, uncut, f**king moments. And they’ll be moments that we shared real time, and that’s what the f**k music is about for me. So, man, I’m more excited than anything, and I’m appreciative and grateful.

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