[With his Wildheart nationwide tour kicking off next week, R&B singer Miguel talks to SOHH about the importance of his stage presence as compared to his rookie years and names a few of his all-time favorite live performers.]

With practice and with experience I’m becoming more and more the showman and live musician that I envision myself becoming. I don’t necessarily think that there’s an end-all, be-all to that formula.

But I will say that I’m much more confident and much more in the moment than I’ve ever been, and more consistently in the moment than I’ve ever been before.

So, it’s exciting to feel not only the music is on a certain level, but also the showmanship in the live performances is reaching the same level.

Because the honest truth is that I started spending most of my time in the studio, so even things like this, what we’re doing now, interviews, and so on and so forth, being on stage, being in front of the camera, all of those things are things that I learned and grew in front of everyone.

So, it’s cool to feel a new sense of stability, and confidence on stage, on camera, etc.

And some of my favorite artists, man, s**t, Prince and Michael Jackson are the ultimate for me. But then it’s also Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. I think those are my solid go-to guys that I love watching. Elvis Presley is one of them that I go back to. Those are a few of my favorites.

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