[With his new “Wildheart” album finally available this month, R&B singer Miguel tells SOHH about his childhood come-up still playing a big part in his music.]

I think growing up in San Pedro and Inglewood simultaneously, I carried the lessons that I learned from my childhood with me. But I think a lot of my growth as an adult happened in Los Angeles, because San Pedro is such a small town, I think that place for me represents a lot of my adolescence.

So, I think what remains from that place is a sense of being grounded and down to earth. Knock on wood, I hope I can keep the people who have kept me level-headed in my life, and champion that.

Also, just trying to take those moments for myself to be in solitude and really quiet the noise, and that helps me stay grounded.

But it’s those moments that I’m reminded of from my adolescence in places like San Pedro and Inglewood. And I think it’s more of a disposition that remains from San Pedro, that kid that grew up in San Pedro.

The song “What’s Normal Anyway?” is a big part of that, what remained of the kid from San Pedro, and who grew up in Inglewood as well.

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