[SOHH highlights a hot record every week and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the smash in Singled Out. After Miguel poured out the science behind his “Coffee” hit, the R&B stud breaks down his new “N.W.A.” anthem.]

“N.W.A.” came about because as much as I am an ’80s baby, I grew up in the ’90s. I was born in ’85, but all of my real growing up happened in the ’90s. So, I’ve got the best of hip hop, even though N.W.A. by the time that I got into hip-hop was already finished – [Ice] Cube had already gone his own way, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, MC Ren just kind of disappeared – but everyone went in their own direction and was on their own path.

I still was going back and listening to N.W.A. and catching myself up on the roots of the sound from L.A. So, it’s a part of my musical upbringing too. All of those MCs are musical mentors to me as well.

In creating the song it was more about the attitude, because for N.W.A., the way that it was, it was aggressive and gangster. It was straight out of Compton, and it was about that aggression and the way that it really was in the streets in L.A., and really telling the story and getting the story out.

It was about that. Whereas, for me, even though it’s not like that anymore, there’s still the attitude and it’s more the confidence, and yes, I think it’s just the confidence to do, and say, and be whatever the f**k you want to be. It’s a little cocky, and I think we all have our moments.

That was my moment to just grab my nuts. I’ve been a huge Kurupt fan since hearing him freestyle on Power 106 for five minutes straight. And Power 106 in L.A. if you don’t know what that is, it was the hip hop station and now it’s like a rhythmic station. But it was the hip hop, R&B station growing up, that was the number one spot. It became the number one station after 92.3 fell off.

It just was like Kurupt was the man. And he was underrated, which I might have a complex about that in myself. I just always felt like I was the underdog, so for some reason I just always looked at him like, man, this n*gga is so dope, and he’s underrated. He just was my favorite on top of his talent, his disposition, or whatever position he gets in.

I always wanted to do a song with him and this was just the perfect song. As much as I wish this song, “NWA” was going to be a part of the N.W.A. movie, I think for Dr. Dre, he loved the song, but he was like “For N.W.A. it represents something very different to me. And this song, as dope as it is, it’s not the energy that I’m capturing in this movie. So, I regret to say that as much as I would love “NWA” to be a part of the film, it just may not be the right fit.”

But how dope would that be? It actually would be insane.

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