[SOHH highlights a hot record every week and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the smash in Singled Out. After late rapper Chinx’s manager Biggs broke down the “On Your Body” music video, R&B star Miguel pours out the science behind his “Coffee” hit.]

I wanted to paint a picture of a night that was just a beautiful blur. That night when you meet someone unexpectedly that somehow has the same sense of humor, and you guys have great f**king conversations, and you leave one place and go to the next and somehow it becomes an adventure to stay up all night, and you talk s**t.

It’s like there’s a real connection. And it’s all so vibrant, and it’s all so thrilling because even though you’re connected you know you just met so everything is brand new, and the world just seems so vivid and brilliant. And the conversation is amazing. And you wake up in the morning after whatever happened and it’s just like, wow, something really happened.

I was trying to paint that picture, so when you listen to the lyrics, that’s what the lyrics are about. I wanted it to be a montage lyrically of just an epic night, a night that was just a beautiful blur.

So, all of those things, like “word play turns into gun play, and gun play turns into pillow talk,” and so on and so forth I think that’s the way my experience is, that’s how it happened. And that’s what it feels like. I was hoping to capture lightning in a bottle, so to speak, and paint it.

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