[With his new “Wildheart” album available and a cross-country tour in motion, R&B singer Miguel talks to SOHH about growing with his music, having writing credits from Usher to Jaheim, the support he receives and much more.]

I think it’s a never-ending process. I think as a human being I’m constantly proving and reaffirming my answers to those questions [about] what I stand for, what I believe in, what I’m willing to sacrifice.

My music really is just snapshots of my life, so the answers to those questions inform my creative process. And it also eases my subconscious when I’m creating.

So, I can only say that I don’t know if there was a pivotal moment since writing songs for Jaheim, or for Usher. I just know that as a human being I’ve been growing, and my perspective in how I want to express my opinion sonically is a reflection of my growth, and my comfortability, and how sturdy I feel as I navigate.

And it’s really encouraging when you have a song like “Adorn,” or an album like Kaleidoscope Dream, which for me was risky, in the sense that it wasn’t the music that I was making prior to that. It’s an entirely different album in comparison to All I Want is You.

Just like Wildheart is an entirely different album when compared to Kaleidoscope Dream. So, it’s the added support that you get from your fans that gives you a little more confidence on top of you already answering those questions that really inform your decisions and inform how you navigate it, which is reflected in the music.

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