R&B singer Miguel recently talked about what separates himself from fellow crooners, notably soulful musicians like Odd Future’s Frank Ocean.

When asked about his music compared to others, Miguel did not hesitate to toot his own horn.

“To be completely honest—and no disrespect to anyone—I genuinely believe that I make better music, all the way around,” Miguel said without naming any particular artists. “[Frank Ocean’s dark R&B image?] But that’s Frank. Frank is the tortured. That’s his thing. That’s not who I am. I may not be dark—as dark—and I may not be as poetic, but I’m living my real sh*t.” (The Sunday Times)

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Last week, Miguel talked to SOHH about his songwriting process, notably for his new Wildheart album.

“As far as songwriting goes, the most important thing for me on this project was to show more diversity and depth in my abilities to write. I wanted to give my fans, obviously a lot of my personality, but then also give some variation in topic and then approach. So, you’ll find a little bit of allegory.” (SOHH)

He also dished on the heavy-hitting superstars attached to the new LP.

“You’ll find a little bit of more introspective perspective, and so on and so forth. My goal was to keep it as diverse as possible. And I pretty much worked with the usual suspects, Salaam Remi, Fisticuffs, Happy Perez. Then I got to work with a few new people, Benny Blanco, Benny Cassette, Cashmere Cat, AK Paul, and Raphael Saadiq. So adding those along with the couple features which are Lenny Kravitz and Kurupt, it was really fun this time around, man, a lot of fun. It was really cool to jump in and catch a wave.” (SOHH)