[With the summer vibes in full effect, R&B singer Miguel talks to SOHH about his epic August 2012 anthem, “Adorn.”]

Even in the moment of writing that song, I feel like it was given to me somehow. It was as if the song wrote itself. So, even recalling how the song came about is very cloudy for me.

I remember starting the song and finishing the song. I remember waking up and playing it back in my car, and feeling something special about the song. But expectation is a really big word, and I think in music the greatest thing is that you never know. It’s such an unknown.

And our job as musicians is to put ourselves on the line as much as humanly possible, as much as personally possible, and essentially just giving it to the world.

In that sense I think my only expectation was that the song would find the people that would be into it. But you can never fathom how many people might be or how long the song might be relevant.

As fast as we can sing in this day and age it’s a blessing in retrospect when I think about how long that song stayed on the charts.

Creating a new record, these are things I never thought about, but it’s really cool to see the possibilities and so on.

Yes, no expectation other than that the music would connect to the right people. Music always finds its audience, the right audience, so that’s what it’s about for me.

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