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Migos Spit Fury At Grammy Awards Trophy Snub: “They Cheated Us – There Was Nothing Bigger Than The F**king Culture Album”

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Atlanta trio Migos aren’t too happy with how last month’s Grammy Awards results turned out. The hip-hop stars have weighed-in on going home without a trophy for their standout Culture album.

In a new NME interview, Offset and Quavo didn’t bite their tongues on coming up short.

Speaking to NME in this week’s magazine, Offset said: “They cheated us.” “There was nothing bigger than the f*cking ‘Culture’ album this whole last year,” Quavo asserted. “They’re scared to handle the three-headed monster… Ooh! [But] we’ll be back next year… WE’LL BE F*CKING BACK NEXT YEAR.” (NME)

Quavo also talked about branding Culture and promising to keep their movement going for years to come.

Asked whether fans should expect a ‘Culture III’ in the future, Quavo told NME: “The culture goes forever and we will never RIP the culture. You’re trying to figure out if the culture will live on through one, two, three, four, five, six – that we don’t know, we will make you WAIT ON IT. But the culture will not die, the culture will live forever.” On how it feels to have inspired artists like Kanye and Drake, Takeoff said: “I love it, it makes me happy inside, because I know we’re influencing and they’re inspired by us.” (NME)

This week, Offset dished on his issues with not walking away with any Grammy gold for last year’s Culture LP.

“The awards represent the greatest of the music industry. To be a part of it is incredible. Michael Jackson had so many special Grammy moments. Also, the Clive Davis pre-Grammy gala was amazing, with our being able to perform and showcase the hard work we put in this past year. … The biggest surprise was not winning the Grammy after such a great year in hip-hop; we changed and influenced all music. … With Culture II, we want people to inherit and love the sound of music now, and by us, of course. We’re presenting you with a good energetic vibe that’s nothing but positivity.” (HITS Daily Double)

Earlier this month, Migos’ Quavo reacted to their Culture II album recently dominating the sales chart.


Written by SOHH Squad



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