Rap trio Migos have come forward to speak out on being targeted in a near-fatal highway shooting last night (March 27) in Miami.

A Twitter message posted to the group’s account confirmed the shooting reports.

“A lot of f*ck n*ggas tried to take my life. But I keep that thang on me so you betta think twice,” a message posted March 28 reads. (Migos’ Twitter)

Group member Quavo also jumped onto his Twitter to provide fans with an udpate.

“Quavo Quavo Quavo Quavo Quavo IM GOOD!! #NL2,” he tweeted March 28.

“Wonder if im gone be on first 48??? #NAH” (Quavo’s Twitter)

Details of the malicious attack surfaced online early Friday (March 28) morning.

Someone who’s clearly not a “Versace” fan opened fire on the rap group Migos … and the whole situation exploded into a rolling shootout in Miami last night. According to police … the Migos crew was driving in a van on a highway — after a club appearance — when another vehicle pulled up alongside them and started shooting. (TMZ)

Despite reports of someone being shot, Migos’ manager said there were no injuries.

There are reports one of the group’s bodyguards was shot in the leg and hospitalized, but Migos’ manager tells us no one in their van was injured. He also claims they returned fire at the other vehicle, telling us … “There was at least 40 rounds being blasted on those n*****.” (TMZ)