Atlanta rapper Offset is on the road to recovery. The Migos group member reportedly crashed his car last night (May 16) in Georgia but avoided serious bodily harm.

According to reports, Off destroyed his car in Atlanta and had to receive treatment for injuries as a result.

The Migos rapper wrecked his green Dodge Challenger late Wednesday night in Atlanta, and had to be taken to a hospital afterward for minor injuries … according to our sources connected to Offset. We’re told he’s already been released and is expected to be okay. His car … not so much. Our sources say Cardi B rushed to be by her fiance’s side after she heard about the accident. According to law enforcement, no cops or emergency medical workers were called to the crash scene, and no accident report was taken. Offset’s wrecked car was towed away afterward. (TMZ)

Offset’s fiancée Cardi B has since referenced her future hubby on Twitter.

In a recent interview, Cardi low-key revealed she’s expecting a baby girl with Off.

“Extremely heavy,” is how Cardi characterized her outfit. “The beading is just crazy, and then,” she said, cradling her midsection, “shorty weighs three and a half pounds.” This news was met with laughs of delight from those assembled. “She do,” said Cardi. “She do weigh three and a half pounds. That’s pretty good for seven months, right?” she asked, looking around. “Because I was born five pounds.” (New York Times)