Migos group member Kiara Cephus has reportedly been dragged into a murder case from earlier this month, however, is being less than cooperative with law enforcement. #MurderWasTheCase

According to reports, Cephus has no intention of aiding police in the murder investigation of Migos fan Paris Brown last week.

The police believe that Migos rapper Kiara was actually the intended target — NOT the ultimate victim Paris. The shooting allegedly occurred because of a violent feud between Migos rappers and rival rap group 2G. The police say Kiara won’t talk about the incident. “We know he was there, however, he would not cooperate with the police investigation,” Cpl. Deon explained. (Hollywood Life)

Police appear to have information on at least one suspect.

Surveillance footage from the scene of the crime shows two men carrying guns. The police have identified one of the men on the survillance tape as Cory Marzette, a known affiliate of 2G. Police believe 2G is behind this gruesome murder, according to the report. Police do not yet know who the second person on the tape was. We certainly hope they can solve this case soon so Paris’ family can get some closure. (Hollywood Life)

The rap group made headlines back in March following a near-fatal shooting.

Someone who’s clearly not a “Versace” fan opened fire on the rap group Migos … and the whole situation exploded into a rolling shootout in Miami last night. According to police … the Migos crew was driving in a van on a highway — after a club appearance — when another vehicle pulled up alongside them and started shooting. (TMZ)

Despite reports of someone being shot, Migos’ manager said there were no injuries.

There are reports one of the group’s bodyguards was shot in the leg and hospitalized, but Migos’ manager tells us no one in their van was injured. He also claims they returned fire at the other vehicle, telling us … “There was at least 40 rounds being blasted on those n*****.” (TMZ)