Migos Hint At Big Culture 3 Album Drop

Written By Amaar Burton

Doing It For The Culture

The wait for the Migos' next album might be over soon. The Atlanta rap trio of Takeoff, Quavo and Offset posted a clear hint online that Culture 3 is on its way.

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Migos Tease New Music Coming Soon

Quavo posted a pic on his Instagram of the Migos all roasting marshmallows on the beach (cooking up new music?) with a note about the status of the Culture 3 album. It’s been three years since the BET Award-winning group dropped Culture 2, with the individual members working on solo projects, acting gigs and other business moves in the meantime.

“Bout That Time To Bring The Heat 🔥 #Culture3

Migos + DJ Khaled Post Up In The Studio

DJ Khaled took to his Instagram to reveal he was on the music grind with Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff. While no exacts are given, everybody can only speculate the rap stars are working on the long-awaited Culture 3 fans have been eagerly looking for.


Did Quavo Really Repossess Saweetie’s Bentley?

West Coast rapper Saweetie can be petty back. After rumors emerged of ex-boyfriend Quavo repossessing the Bentley he gifted her for Christmas in 2020, she’s gone full troll mode on social media.

Southside Claims Offset Tried To Rob Lil Uzi Vert

More Migos drama? Sure. 808 Mafia boss Southside went to social media to say he saved Lil Uzi Vert from getting robbed by Offset.

“Aye, Uzi don’t address nothin’ to my bi*ch, my n*gga. You handle your bi*ch, you stay on your side… You ain’t got one more time to say nothin’ to my bi*ch, n*gga. I promise you, I’ma punch your teeth out your mouth. Don’t say nothing else.” “If you don’t like my bi*ch, don’t like my bi*ch. Let them do them. I don’t get in they shit, don’t get in they problems. Stay the little weirdo you is, n*gga. Keep rocking purses. Keep doing that bi*ch sh*t you be doing. I’m the same nia that saved you from getting robbed from Offset and them. Don’t forget that.”

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Written by Amaar Burton

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