Atlanta rap group Migos’ Quavo is making headlines this week courtesy of new footage and reports claiming he suffered a physical attack and robbery at the hands of fellow rapper Chief Keef‘s crew.

Details of what went down have started to scatter across the Internet.

The “Handsome and Wealthy” rappers were at the premier DC shake joint for a performance. After their set, the group was reportedly approached by a group of men and a fight popped off. Naturally, people took to their Twitter accounts to describe what they saw, and many noted that Quavo got his shine took. (XXL Mag)

Check out footage of the chain right here…

Reports also claim Chief Keef addressed the incident in now-deleted social media posts.

All indications are that the brawl had something to do with the ongoing beef between the ATL trio and Chief Keef’s GBE. Following the fight at the club, Sosa took to Twitter and posted a picture of what appears to be one of the Migos’ signature Quality Control pieces with the caption, “What is this?” The photo has since been deleted. (XXL Mag)

According to reports, Keef’s crew and Migos have had problems with one another throughout 2014.

The two rap crews have escalated their year-long beef recently, with the last altercation between GBE member Capo and Migos’ Fredo Santana resulting in death threats over social media. (BET)