The shooter of slain teenager Michael Brown, Police Officer Darren Wilson, has come forward to speak out since his now-infamous fatal confrontation last August.

In a new “Good Morning America” interview, the 28-year-old officer updated fans on his well-being since the August 9 shooting.

The officer, who has been a cop in Ferguson for four years as well as two more years in another town, said his life has been “stressful” since the lethal confrontation. He even grew a beard to hide his identity, he said. “You’re always looking, you’re always wondering if someone’ll recognize you, if someone is following you. Just every possibility you can think of,” Wilson told Stephanopoulos. (ABC News)

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Officer Wilson also addressed whether his run in law enforcement may have come to a sudden end in light of the Brown shooting.

“I’m not sure it’s possible. I mean, you think they would accept me? You think it’d be safe for me?” Wilson asked. He said his notoriety could also put his fellow officers in jeopardy. “Can I put them in that situation?” he asked. Wilson said a final decision on returning to the force has not been made. (ABC News)

Music stars Pharrell, Killer Mike and Big K.R.I.T. revealed how upset they were over Officer Wilson not being charged for the shooting.

Rappers Q-Tip and Macklemore took a more physical approach with their reactions.

Noting a lack of “value for black life,” the rapper expressed his discontent online, but took his stance a step further. Hitting the streets of New York City, The Abstract led protesters in a chant of “Whose streets? Our streets” Also taking to Twitter was Macklemore. Bashing the Ferguson decision as one that “protects white supremacy,” the Seattle-bred rapper turned words into action as well. He hit the streets of his city to join protesters. (VIBE)