Michael Blackson’s Boo Miss Rada Flexes Queen Of Wakanda Vibes In All-Black Versace Robe

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

Comedian Michael Blackson's girlfriend Miss Rada is showing out these days. The hip-hop funnyman's boo went online this week to share a shot of herself draped in an all-black everything Versace robe.

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Miss Rada’s Versace Vibes

On Wednesday, Rada hit up her Instagram page with a must-like shot. The potential Woman Crush Wednesday contender flexed her beauty to the masses in the high-end luxury attire.

“My guardian angel drank too much today…I didn’t get any advice 🤷🏽‍♀️” -Miss Rada’s Instagram

Miss Rada’s Versace vibes are on full display.
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The only sign with double sides

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High-Key Details

Heading into Tuesday, Rada went to her Instagram page with the ultimate teaser. She shared a ‘throwback’ pic of herself boo’d up in a pool with Michael Blackson.

“Since y’all miss him so much, let’s play where is Mike. Can y’all find him? Disclaimer: This is an old pic 🤷🏽‍♀️” -Miss Rada’s Instagram

Miss Rada teases Michael Blackson reunion going down.

Wait, There’s More

Last Thursday, Rada hit up her Instagram page with a shocker. She hinted at possibly being back on the open market with a reference to dating apps.

“Gotta learn how to swipe right again….” -Miss Rada’s Instagram

Miss Rada breaks up with Michael Blackson.

Before You Go

After putting out the huge announcement, Rada deleted all pics of them boo’d up together. She completely wiped her Instagram page clean of Blackson. Peep some of the captions from the since-deleted pics.

“Every entanglement begins with a #kysse @smoothskinlounge” -Miss Rada’s Instagram

“I’m glad we both swiped right 🖤” -Miss Rada’s Instagram

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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