[With the NCAA March Madness tournament starting this week, SOHH’s speaking to diehard sports fanatics and former NCAA/NBA players to find out who they’re riding with this year. Today, former Florida Gators star and current Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey speaks on the tournament.]

Man, I want to see the Gators go all the way. I’m a proud alumni of that school and that school’s done everything for me. It’s put me in positions in life to where I can be successful. So it’s hard for me to go against them.

But I’m living down here in Miami, obviously I care about the Miami Hurricanes because I’m very supportive of the whole community. If my Florida Gators can’t go all the way, then I’m going to have to go for the Hurricanes.

I think the Hurricanes just have all of the features to go for in the tournament. They won the ACC championship this year, finally, and I think they’re just believing in themselves. They have a great coach and with that team, if there’s one thing about winning championships, you’ve got to have great chemistry and that team, right now, is pulling themselves together.

Obviously they wanted to be the number one seed and they fell a little bit short but you can’t complain with where they’re at right now.

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