Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill is reportedly going to be a free man today (December 2) after spending nearly six months behind bars.

According to reports, Meek will skim weeks off his original release when he gets out Tuesday.

Meek was sentenced to jail time in July for a parole violation, and despite numerous efforts from his legal team, wasn’t due to be released until January 11, 2015. According to FOX 29’s Steve Keeley, Meek has been ordered to complete community service and anger management counseling, and won’t be allowed to venture outside of Philadelphia (meaning no tour dates) until those demands are met. (Miss Info TV)

Check out what Rick Ross recently said about Meek’s condition right here…

Instead of making any bold predictions, Maybach Music Group boss Rick Ross said he hoped Meek would return before New Year’s Day.

“Uh, you know, I spoke to him,” Ross said in an interview. “You know, the big homie was sentenced to six months off the rip. We done got our hopes up a couple of times so I said I wasn’t going to feed into the again, when he come home, he come home. At worst it won’t be more than a month at this point. So we just ready for the big homie to get to the crib. Hopefully he can spend the holidays with us and kick 2015 off.” (Hot 97)

Recently, Ross said the MMG team would not put up a fight and, instead, anxiously await Meek’s release.

“We’ve got our hopes up and spirits up on several occasions – at the end of the day, the judge said it was potentially up to six months. She wanted to sit him down and give him certain courses she felt he needed to go over. We’re not gonna fight the system, we gonna work with her and whatever she need and whatever she asking for so the homie can get home as soon as possible. That’s what we got, if you stretch it all the way [it’s about] six months.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

A few weeks ago, R&B singer August Alsina posted up footage of Meek speaking on his condition onto Instagram.


Squad kalled from that shit hole… Good to hear & feel a smile on em thru it all. I tol em God sat us down differently but at the end of it all he SAT US DOWN! He said Exactly! We jus gotta know/recognize when da Man giving you a chance to get your shit in order then Come back stronger then ever. #HeSayHeMightFuckArounNwearASuitOnceAWeek #ISaid #NoooImNotReady *K.Hart voice #FreeMeekMilly

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Ross jumped onto social media outlets Twitter and Instagram to alert Meek’s supporters of his status earlier this year.