Roc-A-Fella Records icon Memphis Bleek is still out here dropping gems even if it’s not a new music release. The hip-hop veteran hit up social media this holiday week to remind fans to stay woke with 2019 around the corner.

Memph went to Instagram Wednesday (December 26) to encourage followers to think twice about any potential schemes their affiliates might cook up.

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Over the past few months, Bleek has celebrated the birth of his baby girl.

A couple years ago, Bleek talked about helping unite Roc Nation boss JAY-Z and one-time rival Fat Joe for their “All The Way Up” remix.

“There’s no credit for who did it,” Bleek said referring to getting Jay and Fat Joe on the same track. “N.O.R.E. hit me, and it’s so weird, I’m driving to the city in the car and he hits me like, ‘Yo, Fat Joe wants your number.’ So you know me, ‘Errrr!’ Pull over on the shoulder. I gotta hear this conversation correct. ‘You sure Fat Joe wants ‘my’ number out of everybody?’ … Ten minutes later he call me, I couldn’t believe it. He’s like, ‘Nah Bleek, n*ggas in a better space. I just wanted to holler at the big homie and let him know. This is beyond the bullsh*t and we need to do something to unify the city.’ … [I told him,] ‘I will relay the message for you.’ I hit Hov, mind you, I’m on the shoulder on the turnpike, I ain’t pull off yet – I tell Jay, ‘I just talked to Fat Joe – he wants you to do the remix to ‘All The Way Up,’ and Jay was like, ‘I ain’t gonna front, that sh*t is fire.'” (Rap Radar Podcast)

In early 2016, Memphis discussed his music biz absence and not wanting to force out an album.

“Iโ€™m just not passionate about an album. I donโ€™t think nobody buy albums. Nobody cares about albums. Music donโ€™t last that long no more to really drop an album anymore. An album lasts about a week now. Then the next day they on somebodyโ€™s new single on the Internet. Your album is forgotten about. I make records all the time. I got a whole stash of records. Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m getting back into the groove of dropping records.” (“The Breakfast Club”)