Vixen Megan Thee Stallion is proving her dog is ride or die. The hip-hop heavyweight has shared a couple looks at her French Bulldog 4oe after a big run.

Big Facts

Meg went to her Instagram page Monday with a must-see slideshow. Thee Stallion’s gray puppy is shown completely out of breath following their workout together.

“Me and @frenchie4oe just went for a run and he is mf tiredddd 😂😂😂”

High-Key Details

In mid-March, Stallion gave her bulldog a major shout-out. Meg shared a must-see pic of Foe Thee Frenchie on his birthday.

“Happy birthday to the coolest frenchie in the world. I love my puppy son so much and I couldn’t picture my life without you.”

Wait, There’s More

Foe Thee even has an Instagram account. The account is frequently updated with epic moments around Megan.

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No pictures please 🐾 🐶

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Handle me ? Who gon handle me ? 🐾🐶

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Before You Go

Meg also talked about the importance of the company people keep. She referenced the value of having good associates in an immediate circle.

“I just want to say you just gotta be very protective of yourself and have a good team around you and just make sure that everybody have your best interest at heart. You young, you hungry, you want to take care of your people… that’s all your mind on at the time and then you get to a certain status and its like ‘ok I’m taking care of my family, everybody good – we all in a good position, let’s just all eat properly.’” (Beats 1)