Texas hip-hop artist Megan Thee Stallion is feeling the love. The Southern rap star went online this past weekend to react to a handful of submissions to her new “Savage” challenge.

Big Facts

This past Sunday, Meg hit up Instagram to share some of her favorite Hot Girls. In the clips, the Stallion fans are turning up to Meg’s new SUGA album standout track.

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#savagechallenge y’all cute 😛💁🏽‍♀️

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Welp let me go learn this lol #savagechallenge

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High-Key Details

Recently, Megan appeared on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio station to dish on her professional career. Specifically, she updated concerned fans about where things stood between herself and estranged record label 1501.

“I mean, obviously it’s a legal thing so I can’t go super into detail but… I couldn’t drop the music…. The judge said I could, so that’s what it is. We’ll let the legal people deal with the legal stuff. … I feel like it’s just what come with it — all I want to do is be able to put out my music. I like to rap. I’ve been wanting to rap forever, so me doing music is what I do and I don’t really care about the rest as long as I’m able to voice what I want to voice, say what I want to say, put my music out… that’s all I’m about. … I got a lot of support from everybody. A lot of my rapper friends, singer friends… everybody’s super supportive. I’ve got a lot of friends in the industry so everybody’s just telling me to keep my head up and that’s all I can do.” (Beats 1)

Wait, There’s More

Meg also talked about the importance of the company people keep. She referenced the value of having good associates in an immediate circle.

“I just want to say you just gotta be very protective of yourself and have a good team around you and just make sure that everybody have your best interest at heart. You young, you hungry, you want to take care of your people… that’s all your mind on at the time and then you get to a certain status and its like ‘ok I’m taking care of my family, everybody good – we all in a good position, let’s just all eat properly.’” (Beats 1)

Before You Go

Meg also downplayed the idea of her new Suga album being called a full studio release. She also came clean on the importance of school.

“We’re gonna call it a project. It’s not an album. It was supposed to be an album originally but I’m still in the process of recording. I’m getting new experiences so I got more to say so I don’t just want to put the title of the album on this and I just wanted to hurry up and get some music out so I can feed the streets, feed my people, so now we got the project ’Suga’. … I was doing music in college at the same time anyways and I just wanted to finish because…. Why quit? School’s not cheap so I’m definitely not about to waste all that money that I spent. I know my grandmother would have definitely wanted me to finish. I know my mama definitely would have wanted me to finish and I really want to open up some assisted living facilities in my city so it’s like why not just get educated on it so I can do that.” (Beats 1)