Meg Thee Stallion’s Ready For Cardi B + Normani’s ‘Wild Side’

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

Queen Hottie approves

Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion might be first in line to stream "Wild Side" when it drops late tonight. The hip-hop star has come forward with a big co-sign for Cardi B and Normani's newly announced collaboration.

Cardi B
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Meg Thee Stallion’s Ready For ‘Wild Side’

Things started off with Cardi B and Normani going to their Instagram pages to officially break the news to the world. They vowed the record would drop promptly at midnight on the East Coast.

“Get your coins ready @normani 7/15 9pm PST”

The post ignited over 4 million combined likes and the major co-sign from Meg in the comments section. It’s also worth noting Meg and Normani previously collaborated on 2020’s “Diamonds” single.


Cardi B Goes Nude To Celebrate Pregnancy

In all fairness, Cardi’s been busy lately gearing up for the arrival of her second child with husband Offset. The “UP” hitmaker recently went to her Instagram page following a jaw-dropping 2021 BET Awards reveal. B revealed a nude pic of herself with a mold on her body over her chest and tummy. The must-see shot also confirms Offset is her baby’s daddy with his name tagged on the stomach.

“2! ♥️ @offsetyrn”

At last month’s 2021 BET Awards, things started off with her husband Offset’s Migos pulling through for their “Straightenin'” anthem off their Culture III project. But out of nowhere, Cardi shocked the world by debuting her baby bump with an eye-opening outfit revealing the plump tummy.

Cardi B Names The Most Disrespected Rapper In 2021

The Bardi Gang leader and current mother of one recently hit up her Twitter page and didn’t hold back on disrespect female musicians deal with. Cardi dished on just how much more goes into becoming a successful female rapper and yet always having to deal with criticism and hate.

“Female rappers have to bust their a** on performances ,great visuals,hours on make up ,hours on hair ,pressure by the public to look perfect,make great music and yet are The most http://disrespected.It’s always they not good enough,what’s new? It’s boring,Why her not me.”

Cardi Believes Women Go Too Hard On Female Rappers

In March 2021, the “UP” hitmaker went to her reliable Twitter page to let loose. Without singling out anyone specific, B lumped all people together – especially women – on not gracefully embracing female rap artists.

“People be so hard on female rappers .” 

She also responded to a fan’s tweet about people hating to see women do what men thought only they could do.

“Naaaaa ……man be hating but it really be women in these comments & on YouTube talkin the most sh*t putting women down but fake preach unity and women progression.”

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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