Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill is more focused than ever. The hip-hop star has sparked some attention on himself with a handful of inspirational posts.

Meek Milly went to Instagram Tuesday (April 11) with some motivated af pics.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.21.20 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.21.29 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.21.47 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.22.19 AM

Sounds legit to me!

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Recently, footage surfaced of NBA superstar LeBron James vibing out to Meek.

Over the past few days, Meek’s blessed followers with some new music previews.

When the beat drop say AMEN!!!!! I've been on some shit patch….. new shit on the way!!!!!!

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U scared of violence so you gotta cut da check 😁. Coming soon… listen on da gram for now!!!!

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Last month, a pic surfaced from Meek’s “Litty Again” music video production set.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 9.42.42 AM

Recently, Mill updated fans on his long-awaited DC4.5 mixtape release status.

“I got a lot of new music coming out. Y’all got like, uh, n*ggas got 30 days to get they sh*t ready. I’ma say 30, 40 days and I’m gonna jump back in the mix, you heard me? I was supposed to drop today but it was a lot of clearances and issues and sh*t like that. It really would have got nasty but you know, we give y’all 30, 40 days. Let’s get it. It’s a good show, n*gga. We’re gonna let the music talk. DC4 and a baby. We gonna do every motherf*cking listening party and crack houses all over America. We coming to a hood near you. DC4.5, n*gga, the streets is talking and we here, n*gga.” (REVOLT)