Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill isn’t focused on apologies and, instead, used a New York concert venue to rip Young Money’s Drake last night (July 26).

Footage of Meek going at Drizzy surfaced online early Monday (July 27) morning.

“I was doing my album and I asked the n*gga to give me a verse for my album. The n*gga gave me a verse for my album. But he gave me a verse that he didn’t write that another n*gga wrote. Where I come from, I represent the motherf*cking game. I represent the motherf*cking streets. If you ain’t with me, you ain’t gotta act like you with me, I got the motherf*cking streets with me for life! If you came up from nothing, if you’re chasing your motherf*cking dreams, make some motherf*cking noise in this b*tch!” (Twitter)

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Radio veteran Funkmaster Flex acknowledged Drake’s “Charged Up” anthem over the weekend and revealed he would have a Meek Mill exclusive Monday (July 27).


Flex fired off handfuls of shots toward Drizzy on social media for allegedly having artists behind some of his standout tunes a few days ago.

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Musician Quentin Miller penned an open message to defend his own image and explained his relationship with Drizzy Friday (July 24).

Quentin Miller