Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill isn’t done trying to get Judge Genece Brinkley thrown off his case. New reports claim the hip-hop star’s attorney has filed paperwork to have her fade to black.

According to a TMZ report, a past 2014 legal suit involving Judge Brinkley and a hotel is proof enough to show she’s unfit for Meek’s case.

According to the docs … Brinkley claims she was “traumatized” when she allegedly found a housekeeper’s nametag in her bed at a hotel during a judicial conference. Though it subsided, Brinkley claimed the trauma returned a year later at the time of the next conference … causing her to file suit. This comes on the heels of another civil lawsuit filed by Brinkley — also presented by Meek’s legal team to the court — in which she allegedly claimed she’d suffered a head injury from a 2016 car accident that left her with “severe head trauma” and “neurological” injuries. (TMZ)

Last week, Meek had a request to see Brinkley removed shut down.

A separate state court judge in Philly denied Meek’s bid to strip his pending case away from Judge Genece Brinkley, saying he couldn’t overrule another judge of equal standing and adding “I wear the same robe as she does.” It’s interesting though — Meek’s legal team presented a new argument in court by alleging that Brinkley had claimed in a civil lawsuit that she’d suffered a head injury … and was disabled and incapacitated. The suit is from an accident in 2016 that Brinkley was in — with the judge suing a woman who was also allegedly involved. She claims she suffered “severe head trauma.” (TMZ)

Meek’s legal muscle Joe Tacopina immediately issued a statement on the judge situation.

“Judge Tucker thoughtfully considered our application to reassign this case to Judge Woods-Skipper, so that it is treated the same as the 2,000 other PCRA petitions that have come before it. While he ultimately ruled that he did not believe he had the authority to do so, we respectfully disagree and will immediately ask the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to reassign the case.” (Complex)