Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill and Trey Songz have the Internet’s full attention. The hip-hop pair have lit up each other over how much they’re doing for their hometowns.

Meek x Trey

Last night, Trey reached out to Meek with an unexpected celebrity challenge. Trigger name-dropped Mill about feeding Philadelphia locals.

“I challenge my boy @meekmill to the #feedyourcitychallenge bull a young God in Philly. Let’s go!!!” -Trey Songz’s Instagram

Meek Mill and Trey Songz show a little competition

High-Key Details

Meek didn’t take the challenge too kindly. The hip-hop veteran went at Songz with details about what he’s done for Philly.

“Ain’t no such thing as being real with people that’s tryna use you! 200k to Philadelphia schools … my phantom for less fortunate 400k …. and help raised 50 mil for reform @treysongz don’t try me like that!” -Meek Mill’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Trey made sure to keep the conversation public. The Virginia native returned to Instagram to address the situation and make sure Meek realized he didn’t mean any ill will over the challenge.

“So @meekmill apparently felt a way bout me challenging him to the #feedyourcitychallenge. He felt the need to tell me what he’s already done, hopefully not realizing I tapped on him because of how much I know he’s already doing for his community. That’s great you donated fam, that’s great you helping prison reform, that’s great you gave ya phantom. I’m simply trying to bring us together to further help our communities. You offended? Lol you got it! ✊🏾” -Trey Songz’s Instagram

“Nah I didn’t don’t try to put me on the spot wit that sideways sh*t that’s not even no money like 4 racks … other artist telling artist to donate is dumb just handle ya business! Don’t try to put me on the spot .. this behavior kinda of new artist don’t speaking on my money … coulda kept this in the comments bro I just ain’t feel your comment no big deal” -Meek Mill

Before You Go

Recently, Trey went online to share some powerful footage from a Virginia protest. The clip features Songz surrounded by other demonstrators pushing for equal rights.