Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill isn’t just friends with people in the rap game. The hip-hop veteran has flexed his close-knit ties to Houston Rockets superstar James Harden.

Meek Milly went to Instagram Monday (June 11) with a shot of himself and Harden.

Hit the savage switch? Ok buck-o lol

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During his publicized jail stint, Meek received a big visit from Harden.

Recently, with Meek Mill serving a two–four year jail sentence, it’d been hard for Harden to visit or speak to his old friend. That changed on Dec. 26, when Harden found time to take a trip to Chester, Pa., and see Meek Mill in prison. (Sports Illustrated)

Last night, Meek made headlines after putting on an epic Hot 97 Summer Jam concert.


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