Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill is keeping his post-and-delete game strong. The hip-hop star has social media buzzing over taking ample alleged shots at former girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

A screenshot has gone viral of Meek apparently blasting Nicki in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Hours prior, Nicki seemed to publicly taunt Meek on the ‘gram.

Recently, Nicki’s pal Karen Civil talked about getting blasted by Meek Mill over allegedly getting paid by her to taint his image across the Internet.

“Everybody knows me and Meek had a great friendship, great relationship. It was crazy when I woke up and I saw the at and – I saw him throw the shot and I was just like, ‘I’m not catching this right now. I’m not reacting to it. I’m not taking it in.’ Because you have my phone number. If we’re friends and it’s a genuine situation like I always thought it was, you pick up the phone and call me. You don’t react and say these things on social media. And you’re reacting off of, it was like a paid post or something. It had nothing to do with me.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Back in March, Meek Mill accused Nicki and Karen Civil of getting blogs to turn against him.

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