Maybach Music Group members Meek Mill, Stalley and Omarion recently offered their take on love and how each one of them has coped with heartbreak.

For Meek, he revealed nearly wanting to end his life over having his heart broken.

“Yeah, I fell in love with a couple wh*res in my life…,” he said in an interview. “What I just say? I wasn’t calling all girls whores. I was just talking about a couple wh*res. The ones that broke my heart. [What am I like heartbroken?] (Drops head)…In the house stressing, pulling out my hair man, about to blow my brains out. [I don’t believe you.] Naw, I’m for real.” (Necole Bitchie)

Stalley said despite a few attempts, he never did come across real love.

“I found a lot of women that I thought it was love but it wasn’t,” Stalley responded when asked if he has ever been in love. “I didn’t really get the attention I needed at home – kinda like how girls be h*es. So when you finally do get love, you end up losing it because you don’t really know what you have…” (Necole Bitchie)

Despite his R&B tag, Omarion said he no longer worries about getting heart broken.

“I feel like I’ve been in love in its purest form,” O said. “I can’t get my heart broken any more. I can only be disappointed. Because when you understand someone and they aren’t taught how to love, you can only love them for who they are. You can’t expect them to be more.” (Necole Bitchie)

In May, Meek Mill lashed out at rumors and blogs claiming he had a fling with music diva Rihanna.

“I ain’t really be tryna go there with my girlfriend over blogs. That sh*tt fu**ing up my life a little bit,” he said. “[Rihanna] might have been at the same place as me, but that don’t mean we was together. She a cool person, I met her before, she like my music, and that’s that.” (Rap-Up)

Check out Meek Mill speaking on the Rihanna rumors below: