Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill has promoted his Dreamchasers protégé Omelly‘s new “Back 2 Back” freestyle diss aimed at Philadelphia rapper AR-AB.

Meek posted up the cover art to Omelly’s unexpected feud track onto Instagram early Monday (August 9).

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@omelly #bloodbrothers

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Listen to Omelly’s hard-hitting diss song on the next page…


On the track, Omelly takes direct shots at AR-AB and questions his street image.

“I see you p*ssies throwing shots at the team, I’m not having it,” Omelly raps. “You never was no top goon, been a fraud, you been a b*tch/I know you remember that night I saved your life/You was scrambling in the car, you ain’t have your pipe/Had two on me, thought you was tough, you ain’t know what to do homie/He think he an animal to the zoo, homie.” (“Back 2 Back” Freestyle”)

G-Unit boss 50 Cent recently took note of the Meek and AR-AB situation and commented on the rapper’s initial diss via Instagram.

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AR released his “Back 2 Back” freestyle diss heading into the weekend.

“I caught a body before I wrote a rap, you’d rather hold a mic, I’d rather hold a Mac/Just left jail, guess I’m going back/I put a hole in your stomach, make ’em sew it back/I ain’t got a Rae I ain’t got a Ghost/I just got a plate with a lot of coke/I got a lot of tape and a lot of rope – why you diss me, need to diss Drake/That n*gga killed you, First 48.” (“Back 2 Back” Freestyle”)

AR lit up Meek on social media with a few heavy disses on his Twitter page for his spotlight-stealing moment during tour headliner Nicki Minaj‘s concert stage this week.

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