Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill, hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj and reality television star Kim Kardashian have stepped forward to publicly speak out on the mysterious death of Illinois woman Sandra Bland.

Meek Mill took to his Twitter page this week to send his respects and question how she died over a traffic stop.

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Nicki Minaj revealed how much of an emotional impact the story has had on her.

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Noticeably upset, Kim demanded answers for Bland’s suspicious death.

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Bland’s family has also spoken out and denounced the idea she would have killed herself.

Her family, backed by activists and a campaign on social media, has insisted she would not have killed herself and has called on the Justice Department to investigate the incident. (Los Angeles Times)

The 28-year-old’s death became a national story after a traffic stop turned into an arrest.

Bland was initially pulled over by a state trooper for failing to signal lane change, but the traffic stop escalated after she refused to put out a cigarette she was smoking in the car. Police dashcam footage taken from trooper Brian Encinia’s vehicle and released by the Texas Department of Public Safety shows the trooper threatening to remove her from the vehicle and pulling out a Taser, saying “I’ll light you up.” Encinia puts Bland in handcuffs and forces her to ground. (NBC News)