Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill is keeping his word on addressing the Midwest water crisis by making donations to non-profit organizations.

According to reports, Meek has 60,000 bottles of water going to a Michigan food bank.

Meek just donated to the Flint Child and Family Health Development Fund, which fights the adverse effects of ingesting lead-filled H20. He’s also sending 60k bottles of JUST Water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. Our sources say Meek’s also been clocking hours doing motivational speeches and helping out at schools, homeless shelters and hospitals in his native Philly. (TMZ)

Check out Tony Yayo, Jeezy and Chris Brown’s reactions to the water crisis on the next page…

G-Unit‘s Tony Yayo, Jeezy and Chris Brown have all reacted to the water crisis on social media.

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Meek Mill announced his disinterest in a social media beef with rival 50 Cent and revealed a $50,000 donation promise.

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Flint is currently dealing with a massive crisis with poisonous water coming out of faucets.

The water supply in Flint, Michigan is so contaminated with lead that it’s spewing out of faucets in unnatural yellow and brown colors. Blood tests show increased levels of poisonous lead in children who live there. It’s so bad the city’s 100,000 residents have to live off bottled water. That’s why people such as Flint resident Marseille Allen have launched GoFundMe campaigns to buy bottled water for people with limited resources. (CNN Money)