Philadelphia rap star Meek Mill might have another mini-me low-key on the way. After recently announcing his breakup from now ex-girlfriend Milano Di Rouge, a rumor has emerged that the real reason was due to this.

Meek Mill Baby Rumor

In a text shared to gossip publication ItsOnSite, a source claims that Meek will soon have a baby with another woman. The unnamed source says he broke up with Milano to reduce the backlash from this. However, this is unconfirmed and Meek hasn’t spoken on it.

Meek Mill baby rumor takes over the Internet.

High-Key Details

The gossip didn’t just end there. Rumors have been swirling around Twitter over the past few hours.

“Word on the street is Meek Mill has another baby otw🌚 & it’s a girl” -QueenM__’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

The Maybach Music Group star is really doing all the talking when it comes to his private life. The rap star’s now-separated girlfriend Milano has come forward to speak out following his decision to inform the world they’re not together anymore. Heading into Monday, Rouge went to her Instagram page to address her name getting turned into a trending topic with Meek Sunday night. Instead of dishing out juicy details, she used the public attention to say she’d never address her personal habits publicly and alerted followers about the importance of arresting the cops responsible for Kentucky Black woman Breonna Taylor‘s murder.

“I’d never address my private life, publicly. But I just felt the need to say #BreonnaTaylor. Arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor.” -Milano Di Rouge’s Instagram

Milano shades Meek Mill over his breakup announcement.

Before You Go

On Sunday, Meek Milly went to his social media pages to break the massive breakup news. Despite them going their separate ways, Mill said they would still raise their son with pure love – away from each other – and had no bad blood.

“We me and Milano decided to remain friends and build our child as separate parents … we still have mad love for eachother but we both came to a understanding! -meek-” -Meek Mill’s Twitter

Meek Mill Milano breakup made to the masses.