Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill reportedly gave Safaree Samuels an early warning ahead of a publicized altercation. New reports claim Meek had his crew tell the New York rapper to watch his back heading toward the BET Awards.

The latest buzz suggests Safaree ignored the warning when told to stay away or suffer possible consequences.

We’re told Meek’s crew delivered the message days before the BET Awards weekend kicked off in L.A. The message was simple — stay yo ass away or else. Our Safaree sources tell us he didn’t flinch when he heard the threat and wasn’t gonna be a punk and hide out. We’re told the beef at this point is way beyond Nicki … it’s gotten personal following the exchange of verbal jabs for more than a year. Meek has denied he was involved in the latest showdown. (TMZ)

Last weekend, hip-hop personality DJ Self cleared up rumors about his involvement in the fight.

“I don’t really like to do things like this because I feel like this is corny. But to protect my name and my brand, I feel like I have to address this. Alright, now there was an issue that happened yesterday and both parties are friends of mine. I rock with both of them and I do not like to get in-between people’s beef. If I do, I like to squash it as opposed to provoke it. Now it was no way, no how I could ever line somebody up or set somebody up. So it was impossible for me to do that because I didn’t know either party was going to be there when I got there – if you watch the video, I was trying to mediate the situation. Hopefully these two brothers can get together and work it out. If they can’t, at least coexist with each other. I just want the people to know I would never ever do anything.”


A few days ago, a screenshot surfaced of West Coast rapper Game showing an interest in seeing Meek Mill in-person.

Hours prior, Safaree Samuels accused Meek of having goons sent his way.