Meek Mill’s Dropping New Music Because “Rap Getting Weak” Right Now

Written By Chris Goossens

Meek Mill Promises Music Pack
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Fans of Philadelphia rap star Meek Mill can look forward to music. He went online to speak on releasing new audio fire without any promotion.

Meek Mill Speaks On Dropping Music

Meek took to Twitter to let it be known he wanted to just drop mad heat. He says rap is getting weak and that the process in which an artist goes by to to release music will cause some overthinking.

“I’m about to just start dropping sh*t no promo or nothing rap getting weak all the systems you gotta go thru to put out music …. sh*t will have you over thinking!”

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Meek Mill Remembers Tyrone Crawley

The Maybach Music Group artist knows how to put respect on people’s names. The hip-hop veteran goes to his social media pages to remember the life of late Philadelphia boxer Tyrone Crawley. The Philly native went to his Instagram page to remember Crawley’s legacy. More than a boxer, Meek acknowledged he saw Tyrone as more of a family member to the masses than a sports star.

“IF YOU GREW UP WITHOUT A FATHER IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD ….HE WAS PROLLY YOUR FATHER! RIP TY “butterfly” CRAWLEY!!! I could write a book on the way you impacted me and my friends lives growing up!!!! A lot more of us would be dead or in jail if it wasn’t for him! MAY GOD REST HIS SOUL AND PRAYERS TO HIS FAMILY! #palcenter 23rd and Berks!!!”
Meek Mill remembers Tyrone Crawley.

Tyrone Crawley’s Death Announced

A few days ago, Crawley’s family announced his unexpected death. His son reflected on how much of a positive contribution Tyrone made to the community.

Crawley was a great guy and impacted many lives in his work both in boxing, law enforcement and efforts with the Philadelphia P.A.L. As his son Tyrone Jr. said in the social media message that announced his father’s death, “It amazes me how many people come up to me on a daily basis and tell me that my Dad was like a father to them (and) how he saved them from jail or (from dying) on the streets.” The Butterfly will be greatly missed by all of us who knew him, but his excellent career and fine example as a man will serve as strong reminders of the friend we all lost. Rest in Peace, Tyrone. (Philly Boxing History)

Lil Baby Spotted In The Bahamas With Meek Mill + Drake

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby knows how to have fun and put himself around greatness. A new pic recently went viral showing him chilling alongside rap heavyweights Drake and Meek Mill in the Bahamas.

Drake in the Bahamas with Meek Mill and Lil Baby.

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