[With Summers Tour ’17 in full swing, R&B veteran Maxwell chops it up with SOHH about tagging music veterans Common, Ledisi and Leela James for the run.]

It’s real love. We really, really, really are so happy to be working with each other. Not only are we supporting a tradition in music and soul but we’re getting to bring our sound to people who don’t usually get to see concerts come to them.

People call them the secondary markets or whatever but for me, everybody is a major market. Especially with the places we’re going to, they’re where some of the most legendary people have come from. Small towns where they’ve done things that have changed music forever. It’s going to be great.

You can’t hate on Common. He’s conscious. He’s cool. The girls love him. Brothers think he’s cool.

Ledisi has an amazing following and a great voice.

Leela [James] is another force to be reckoned with. It’s going to really be great. I’m excited.

I just want to be prepared and well-rested and be on my A-game.

It’s important to give people the best that you can give them. We’re doing a lot of songs.

I like being on the road. It’s a discipline thing for me. I get to a place inside of me where I know where I’m at everyday. It’s nice to see new territories. Eat at new places. And in the next few days I’m going to celebrate turning 44.

So it’ll be like 21 years of making music and having music that’s lasted this d*mn long that I can even do a tour like this.

I’m so appreciative.