Former Byrd Gang rapper Max B has spoken on his current legal woes as he prepares for an upcoming murder trial.

Despite the recent claims that he was the mastermind in a botched robbery, Max remains hopeful.

“I’m just gonna leave it up to God and my lawyer Gerald Saluti, you know. Everything will work out. I’m just gonna let him do his job. I’m here on time. I’m at every court appearance, you know, I’m just here. People stay strong for me. Keep the support up. (Max B TV)

It was Max’s former girlfriend who recently accepted a plea deal and implicated him in a fatal robbery.

Gina Conway and two others were charged with murder after a botched robbery at the Holiday Inn on Route 4 ended in the shooting death of one of the victims in September 2006. Conway met David Taylor and AllanJayPlowden and told her boyfriend that the two men drove flashy cars and carried a lot of cash. The boyfriend, Charly “Max B” Wingate then recruited an associate to rob Taylor and Plowden, prosecutors said. (North Jersey News)

Max’s lawyer recently told SOHH he is confident that his client will be cleared.

“It doesn’t hurt his case in the least bit. You’re talking about a person facing anywhere from 30 years to life basically attempting to snitch against Max and Kelvin Leerdam,” Saluti said. “It is our position that Max B will be completely vindicated after the trial, which I think will be starting in April — I relish the opportunity to cross examine Gina Conway.” (SOHH)

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