Former Byrd Gang associate Max B recently discussed the negative impact his upcoming murder trial has had on his music career.

Keeping details to a minimum, Max described how the industry has recently treated him since learning of his murder trial affiliation.

“Closer to trial, everybody kinda shaky to deal with me,” Max told radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. “It’s all good, they just waiting to see the verdict and then you know, they can have it. It’s here though, it’s coming up. I start Monday, so…I’m on the defense, I’m being blamed. There’s a whole bunch of people involved, it’s not just me. It’s real touchy, I really don’t like to get in to it, you know what I’m saying Jenny Boom? I don’t want things to be taken the wrong way so I just keep it on ice, that’s like a part of my life, I try to keep out the media…It’s not fascinating. I mean, look at CNN, everyday you got something going on, somebody else getting dealt with or dying, I’m just the average person that it could happen to, it’s happened to a bunch of people…Just be ready for the verdict…I been to jail quite a few but nobody gonna go to jail, jail’s not a good place.” (Jenny Boom Boom)

Max’s ex-girlfriend Gina Conway accepted a plea deal earlier this year which implicated the emcee in a murder case.

Gina Conway and two others were charged with murder after a botched robbery at the Holiday Inn on Route 4 ended in the shooting death of one of the victims in September 2006. Conway met David Taylor and Allan “Jay” Plowden and told her boyfriend that the two men drove flashy cars and carried a lot of cash. The boyfriend, Charly “Max B” Wingate then recruited an associate to rob Taylor and Plowden, prosecutors said. Conway, whose trial was scheduled to start this week in Superior Court in Hackensack, decided to take a plea offer, telling a judge Tuesday that she was at the hotel with the associate, Kelvin Leerdam. (North Jersey News)

His lawyer Gerald Saluti told SOHH Max was not on the scene when the fatal incident took place.

“Max is allegedly the mastermind behind the robbery and he faces the same time someone who was there and pulled the trigger,” Saluti explained. “They don’t even allege that he was there. They are literally going on the speculation of this woman…You’re talking about a person facing anywhere from 30 years to life basically attempting to snitch against Max and Kelvin Leerdam. It is our position that Max B will be completely vindicated after the trial, which I think will be starting in April. I relish the opportunity to cross examine Gina Conway.” (SOHH)

Placed behind bars in September 2006 on the same case, Max was released on bail months later by Jim Jones.

Max B, one of his artists who was recently locked up on murder charges, will be getting his $2 million bail posted by Jimmy Jones. Jim says he will have Max B in the studio as soon as he is bailed out to work on their new mixtape Out On Bail With A Story To Tell. (Def Sounds)

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