Former Dipset associate Max B has responded to Jim Jones‘ “Frienemies” song while threatening to release a sex tape featuring Jones’ alleged fiancee.

In a video clip, Max questions Jones’ “frienemies” rhymes while claiming to have damning footage of Jones’ alleged fiancee.

“What are these words,” Max asked in a video. “Frienemy? What are such words…What are these units you’re selling? What are these 16,000 in your first week…Rudolph the Red nose reindeer had a very shiny nose…I got the b*tch Chrissy on tape and I’m about to show that. I got Chrissy on tape, I waited long enough. I got the b*tch on my camera phone…I got Jim Jones’ finacee on my camera phone…You n*ggas falling off, your budgets lookin’ light. (World Star Hip Hop)

Jones’ “Frienemies” subliminally discusses his falling out with both Cam’ron and Max.

“My best partner, grew up to be monsters,” Jones raps, “And what happened, the sneaky hatin’/ N*ggas in your ear and the plan deviated/ Snakes in the grass just waitin’ for the moment/ N*ggas on your team and they really your opponent…now I’m feeling for the guns every time that I hug him/ I hate him up close but from a distance I can love him…Someone got killed, conspiracy/ And even still, I bailed you outta jail/ Without me you’d be facing an appeal/ But who knew this, you’d be a Judist/ And in the process, flew you ’round the world/ Put diamonds on your neck like you was my lil’ girl.” (SOHH)

Max B associate Paula J. Moore recently came forward revealing information suggesting Jones knowingly convinced the rapper to sign over all his publishing rights in 2007.

“Jim Jones was not interested in helping Max B get released out of jail until he heard that someone was bailing him out,” Moore said in an interview. “Unbeknown to me, Jim Jones found out that I was going to be bailing Max B out and he went to the jail and convinced Max to sign all his publishing over and loaned him $90,000…A king can only be as powerful as his army. Mel Matrix, Freeky Zeekey, Hell Rell and the whole Byrd Gang put together is not as talented as Max B by himself.” (Hip Hop Ruckus)

Jones has discussed his business relationship with Max, claiming “ownership” over his rival in various interviews.

“He’s signed to my label and I bought his publishing for roughly $90,000 which he cried over the phone to get out of jail for,” Jones previously told Funkmaster Flex. “He sold his soul, the stupidest move I’ve ever heard anybody make in their entire life.” (Hot 97)

Check out Max B’s response to Jim Jones’ “Frienemies” below:

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