Former Dipset affiliate Max B, who is currently serving 75 years on a murder conviction, reportedly needs 100,000 signatures for a new petition.

A new website,, has updates on Max’s condition and a personal message from the jailed rapper.

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As of Friday (December 4) morning, Max’s petition has received over 600 signatures.

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Back in May, Max talked about the possibility of releasing new music once he is released.

“I can’t really see my waves. I only know what people tell me or what family members or fans write me, what people tell me what’s going on. I don’t really see it or hear the songs on radio so I don’t really know the impact my music has until I get back out there in the flesh but, you know, the people listening, I appreciate it, the love is there. I love y’all and thank y’all. That’s what it’s about – I got a nice little catalog lined up. We definitely going to do some things when I hit the town I want to get a double album, I wanna finish the ‘Domain’ saga. That thing is like the Lord Of The Rings, I got about ten of them things – I wanna give them a thing of beauty.” (Revolt TV)

In fall 2012, reports surfaced and claimed four million signatures could help get Max out of the slammer.

Max B’s goal is to obtain four million signatures in his effort to be freed from prison. “We trying to get the petition on ‘Pardon The Wave’ signed,” Max B told “We trying to go at the governor; we trying to go at the president. To the people that’s not signing the petition and screaming ‘Free Max B,’ that’s not wavy. Do the right thing; sign the petition.” (All Hip Hop)