No Limit Records founder Master P is reportedly taking his talent to an upcoming radio show with adult publication Playboy.

According to reports, P is set to produce and host a broadcast on Playboy Radio.

We found out P signed on the bunny to do a show called “Doin’ Tha Most” — and he’ll be dishing advice about sex, love, and possibly marriage. It’s an interesting hire since Master P’s been locked in a messy divorce battle for nearly 2 years. But you gotta figure after all court dates, spousal support battles and restraining orders … he’s probably learned plenty — about what to do or NOT do. A rep for Playboy Radio says the show’s set to premiere in late January. (TMZ)

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A few months ago, MP talked about summer box office hit Straight Outta Compton not properly portraying late N.W.A. leader Eazy-E.

“The N.W.A. movie, I really didn’t like Eazy-E’s character. I liked the movie but I knew Eazy-E. He was a real street guy. I know Eazy-E, I know the truth. All that stuff isn’t really how Eazy-E was. [Suge Knight putting his hands on Eazy-E?] Come on man, you couldn’t do Eazy-E like that. Not the Eazy-E I knew. I knew it was going to be repercussions. So you know, a lot of people change their lives and grew up but at the same time, I feel like the Eazy-E character wasn’t all the way portrayed. This guy was on the streets, he’s the one who made the money and put everybody behind him. That’s what I didn’t really feel like was portrayed. … They did their thing, it was a great movie but that’s just my opinion.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

P also discussed plans to put out his own biopic.

“The great thing about this movie, N.W.A. is an amazing movie and I feel like at the same time, my story, I came right after them. If you go in the history books, I came right after them and taught the world how to make money. N.W.A. was probably some of the best artists in the game at the time and those same guys from Jerry Heller to Bryan Turner to Jimmy Iovine, I dealt with all of them but in a different way. I showed the game – and I told them, ‘I’m going to open the door so artists can make money and be business men after they [enter it].” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Buzz over a Master P biopic going into the works surfaced last summer.

Written by Percy Miller, Parde Bridget and Wayne Conley brings alive the real story of young Percy Miller “Master P” and how he became one of the most influential names to Hip Hop. Master P broke major music barriers in the late 90’s with a 80/20 distribution deal that changed the industry of the hip hop world. Master P and his No Limit Record Company INDEPENDENTLY sold 75 million albums world wide in a time when hip-hop was dominantly run by the West and East coast. Master P gave a voice to Southern Hip Hop and exploded the culture, the soul, and the heart of what southern hip-hop is. (King of the South Movie)