No Limit Records founder Master P is making headlines this week in light of leaked video footage from one of his youth basketball games turning violent. #TheLeak

Footage of a fight breaking out at P’s early spring basketball tournament has surfaced.

Master P’s youth basketball game got straight up WWE … when a fight broke out on the court and someone in the crowd got HIT WITH A STEEL CHAIR … and TMZ Sports has the insane footage. It all went down back in March when P was coaching his team, The P Miller Ballers at a tournament at a high school gym in Tennessee. It’s unclear what started the brawl … but it escalated VERY quickly — with one very large man getting SMACKED over the head by a guy wielding a steel chair. (TMZ)

Despite the violence, reports claim no arrests were made when the smoke settled.

The guy who got hit didn’t go down like they do in wrestling — and fought back against the chair-wielder. The Nashville Police Department tells us … cops responded to a call about a “large fight” in the gym and quickly took control of the situation. We’re told no arrests were made — but 2 people (a 46-year-old woman and a 37-year-old man) were treated at the scene for apparent minor injuries. (TMZ)

Aside from this incident, Master P recorded his daughter, Italy, to have her address recent abduction accusations from estranged wife Sonya Miller.

“I wanna stay with my dad to get better for myself, not for you or mom. But for myself. I think mom should understand that.” (YouTube)

P’s two sons also spoke out in light of their mother’s serious claim.

“I’ma stay with you,” Hercy added. “I know that she’s going to come back here. She’s a bad influence and when I’m with you, you’re teaching me to do what’s right and all that,” Hercy said. “I want to go with you because she’s not going to take me to school in the morning. She’s going to wait until 9 o’clock and then take me school and school has already started,” Mercy said. (YouTube)

Recent reports claimed Mrs. Miller said her children had been abducted by the rap veteran.

Sonya Miller claims Master P took their 13-year-old son Hercy in February after picking him up from school, followed by their 9-year-old daughter Mercy in March. Their 17-year-old daughter Tytyana is also with her father, leaving their 14-year-old daughter Italy as the only child at home with mom. (XXL Mag)


Check out the footage: